Welcome to Alpine Heating

At last a range of heating that offers good looks, spectacular performance and affordable price.


Our stunning ranges of freestanding heaters have been designed with the requirements of most fasidious of purchasers in mind offering large glass viewing with outstanding heat output. Our range of heaters caters for both large and small installations.


Some of the benefits of buying an Alpine Wood Heater are:

  • Finger tip damper control
  • Large loading door with 5mm thick ceramic glass
  • Self cleaning door glass (under normal conditions)
  • Heavy gauge folded and seam welded firebox
  • Refractory lined firebox
  • Removable steel baffle
  • Deep ash bed requiring cleaning less often
  • Clearance tested to AS/NZS 4013:1999 and AS/NZS 4012:1999
  • Quiet 3 speed fan
  • Overnight burning capability
  • Brick Retainer